elegant femdom - foot domination
elegant femdom


Clip Length:   Date: Jan 22

Lady Lucy plays a humiliating cat and mouse game with her slave. He is completely foiled on the floor, struggling like a worm. Lucy commands him to take her summer sandals with his mouth and smell them. He does everything to reach the adored feet while the mistress watch and plays with him.



Clip Length:   Date: Jan 19

Princess Lucy finds an excellent motivating system for her ponyboy during the weekly training. Knowing that he is a big foot fetishist and became dazed from female feet odor she takes off her well worn tan hose and her ballerina shoes filled with her feet smell, she hang them on a cane and hold them in front of the idiot face. He is so stupid that he trying to reach it just go around with his lady owner on his back. Lucy laughs at his pathetic little brain.



Clip Length:   Date: Jan 16

The idiot male slave is ordered to lick 3 mistress' boots than he has to take them off sniff the superior ladies stockinged feet while the others watch. The poor male has to kneel in front of the ladies and postrates himself. Excellent boot domination and foot smelling clip.



Clip Length:   Date: Jan 13

Princess Lucy wanna play a cruel foot smother game with her obedient maid. She loves to smother him with her so this time she figures out something different for him. She put her feet in his face and wrap around with a foil. Poor guy is completely foiled anyway not only his head but his whole body so he can barely move. Lucy loves to feel the power over this male creature as she controls his breath and see him suffering under her feet. He is completely helpless in this situation.



Clip Length:   Date: Jan 10

Princess Lucy arrives home and decides to have a smoke but to make it more funny she orders the slave at her feet, with his hand cuffed behind his back and commands him to polish her black boots with a little towel. The idiot slave is very funny how fag at the cleaning while his mouth is used as an ashtray.



Clip Length:   Date: Jan 07

Very cruel femdom game played mistress Zita with her inferior slave. He is tied totally helpless waiting for his mistress. When she arrives she start to slap him very hard and teases him sexually. Lady Zita rubs her cock both with her hands and ass. She allowes him to kiss her bottom if he can reach it. The more he turns on the more faceslap he gets. Eventually he gets what he deserves.



Clip Length:   Date: Nov 16

After the nylon smelling Lady Demona allows the slave to take her nylon socks off and worship her beautiful bare feet.







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