elegant femdom - foot domination
elegant femdom


Clip Length:   Date: Oct 18

The slave lays under princess Lucy's feet as she smothers his face. She takes her stockings off from one leg while on the other leg leaves it on.



Clip Length:   Date: Oct 15

The slave must kneel naked in front of Mistress Demona who slaps him hard in the face.



Clip Length:   Date: Oct 12

Slave under lady Demona's divine feet licking her shoes as he has been told. He is totally naked act like a worm while the mistress hold his balls on a leash. She jolts his sack hard and whips his belly with the end of the leash during the time he cleans her shoes.



Clip Length:   Date: Oct 09

Mistress Demona is in very bad mood today so this series becomes one of her hardest movies. In first part she tramples and steps on her slave's balls with full weight no matter how painful it is for him. She uses this idiot slave as a stress relief. With coldness and severity on her face likes the view as the slave struggles like a worm under her boots while explanates his cock and balls



Clip Length:   Date: Oct 06

Mistress Lucy wants the sissy slave to lick her shoes clean as sitting on a bar stool. She rings the bell and the maid slowly crawls under her feet to fulfill the mistress demand. From underneath she lick her shoes bottom, sucks Its heels as it was a dick in his humiliating sissy clothes. While the male tries to do his best Lucy degrades him and humiliates him.



Clip Length:   Date: Oct 02

Princess Lucy tramples her male-maid's cock what is wedged in a narrow cock box. She wears her sexy ballerina shoes and elegant dress.



Clip Length:   Date: Sep 11

Mistress Demona bought new boots so when she arrives she sits on a chair put up her boots and orders the slave to lick it clean and chew all the dirt from them. A leash is tied to the slave's balls and she pulls him up hard to make it more difficult and when the rope gets loose and comes off from the little penis she starts to beat him with the end of the leash. She beats his cock and balls making hard pain for the slave.







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