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elegant femdom


Clip Length:   Date: Dec 11

Lady Lucy plays a humiliating game with the slave. Since he is very hungry he can get some scraps of Lucy's cake but not the usual way. The naked helpless male rolled up in a foil must transfer princess Lucy's shoes from one point to another contemporaneously he must beg for cake and if Lucy kind enough he can get some.



Clip Length:   Date: Dec 08

Princess Lucy in casual wear and high heels smashes the loser skinny slave cock on the table inflicting huge pain for him.



Clip Length:   Date: Dec 05

Today is a cold, muddy winters day. The streets are full of mud and dirt as the snow thaw so Lady Demona's boots got really disgusting when arrives from work. She orders her slave to lick it clean and lick up the muddy water from the floor in front of her divine feet and legs. The slave with his hands tied behind his back crawl like a worm and cleans eagerly.



Clip Length:   Date: Dec 02

After the slave licked lady Lucy's high heels he is ordered to take them off and sniff her well worn tan nylon feet, locked in a stock to make him even harder and more humiliating.At the end she takes the smelly nylons off and put it into his open mouth.



Clip Length:   Date: Nov 29

Mistress Demona torment very hard the slaves' cock and balls. The little male-brain is locked in the cock box. From below he can see the towering mistress above him as she steps on his balls smash and explanate it with her sexy elegant high heel pumps. Pin it to the table !



Clip Length:   Date: Nov 26

Princess Lucy sits on the chair, wear a sexy lingerie and uses her male-maid as an ashtray. The poor slave must kneel humbly, naked with open mouth to serve. The only purpose in his pathetic life to make princess Lucy's life more comfortable.



Clip Length:   Date: Nov 23

The skinny humbly shy slave is put in a stock totally naked, bows down and must lick the dirt off from princess Lucy high heel shoes in this humiliating position. She also put his legs on the stock as if it was a table to make him even harder . She sits on the bar stool like a real princess enjoying the slave degradation.







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