elegant femdom - foot domination
elegant femdom


Clip Length:   Date: Feb 24

Princess Lucy trains her human pony. He is exhausted even at the beginning due to the previous torments but Lucy does not give a how tired he is. She wants to ride so he must carry her around and around. He can barely move his legs and arm but she does not mercy at all.



Clip Length:   Date: Feb 21

Cruel worm training, Mistress Lucy allows the slave to lick and smell her divine feet odor from her sexy shoes if he can reach it. It's not an easy task totally foiled and helpless crawling on the floor like a worm. She teases him taking off her shoes and put her bare feet in front of his nose but not allow him to touch. Excellent femdom cat-and-mouse game.



Clip Length:   Date: Feb 18

Princess Lucy torment the skinny loser slave trampling his cock in high heels. She stands on the table orders him to put his cock under her feet and smashes it. Excellent erotic scene with exciting camera angle from below.



Clip Length:   Date: Feb 15

Princess Lucy tramples the poor skinny slave's cock in sexy ballerina shoes and long skirt. She also dangles her flats during the torment to teases this idiot male.



Clip Length:   Date: Feb 12

The bossy Princess Lucy rests in her black chair with her legs up on the table. She orders the slave to lit up her cigarette and serve her as an ashtray. He must humbly kneel down in front of her, eyes down silently like a good real slave. He is allowed to raise his head when needed the mistress for ashes.



Clip Length:   Date: Feb 09

Mistress Lucy sits on the bar stool and have a cigarette using the slave's mouth as an ashtray. He is hate the smoke but Lucy does not care about it use him like he was an object in her room.



Clip Length:   Date: Feb 06

Princess Lucy in sexy long skirt with ballerina shoes sit up on the barstool and make the lowly slave worship, lick, smell her beautiful divine feet, She not only enjoys the pampering but push her feet into his helpless open mouth forces him to worship.







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