elegant femdom - foot domination
elegant femdom


Clip Length:   Date: Aug 15

The slave must go under the cock box, pull his cock and balls out at the mercy of the sadistic gorgeous lady Demona. She tramples and smash it hard in her elegant boots. Cruel merciless cock and ball trampling clip. The slave whimpers under her perfect legs.



Clip Length:   Date: Aug 12

Princess Lucy is still sit on a high bar stool like a queen while his inferior male slave kneels down t her feet and serves like an ashtray. Since this male does not smoke and does not like the smoke even more humiliating him to serve like this. At the end he must even eat the cigarette butt. But who cares the slaves' only purpose to serve the superior female sex.



Clip Length:   Date: Aug 09

Mistress Lucy uses her skinny humbly slave for a footrest and human ashtray. He must huddle up under the table and hold Lucy's legs in boots. While she relaxes and smokes he also must serve as an ashtray for his superior owner.



Clip Length:   Date: Aug 06

Mistress Demona has a bad day today so she beats the slave without any certain reason, he must kneel down and suffer from the cruel sadistic lady's strokes. During the session she interrogates and humiliates him.



Clip Length:   Date: Aug 03

Mistress Lucy plays a very humiliating cat and mouse game with the slave. He is foiled completely on the carpet like a worm. He can barely move only crawl. Mistress Lucy tell him the task : "put the mistresses' shoe in order " Poor slave struggling to reach the shoes and put them in order with his mouth. Princess Lucy make him harder to fulfill the task by kicking away the shoes from his nose at the time he reaches it :)



Clip Length:   Date: Jul 31

After the lowly male slave licked all the dirt off from lady Demona's boots in the previous scene, he is ordered to take them off and smell her tan hosed sweaty feet. "Come on you idiot I have been wearing this nylon all day long in my warm boots smell out all the odor from it ! " she commanded while torment his balls by pull up so hard with the leash as almost tear it apart.



Clip Length:   Date: Jul 28

Mistress Lucy torments the skinny slave hard in her sexy red bra and in a short skirt. He is ordered to put out his cock on the table where it is used like a rug or a doormat. Mistress Lucy step on it with full weight, dig her sharp heels into it while humiliates and mocks him from above.







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