elegant femdom - foot domination
elegant femdom


Clip Length:   Date: Feb 12

Humiliation in a stock. Princess Lucy totally degrades poor innocent slave. This idiot is in love with Lucy but he has a girlfriend too. Lucy plays a very cruel and humiliating game with him. She forced him into a stock, ties a dumbbell to his balls and gives him orders. He must pour water for the princess, squat, kiss shoes, crawl while she takes photo of his pathetic face and the situation. She promises that she will send these funny pics to his girlfriend to let her see who is her boyfriend actually. She kicks a couple of times the dumbbell, pull the idiot with it, he must walk after her like a whore. Lucy also laugh at his pathetic face.



Clip Length:   Date: Feb 09

Lady Victoria and her sister princess Marissa have a rest and use the domectic male maid for pampering their feet. First he has to lick the ladies shoe than take them off and massage their feet while they sipping wine and relaxing. The poor male has to degrade himself under the superior feet and humbly follow the orders of these two spoiled women.



Clip Length:   Date: Feb 06

Lady Lucy stand up on the table and tramples the poor slave's cock in her elegant black high heels. Lots of close-ups and doggie-view shot.



Clip Length:   Date: Feb 03

Lady Victoria punish her old idiot servant by face slapping. He has to kneel down and bear the superior mistress' slaps.



Clip Length:   Date: Jan 31

Princess Lucy uses her human ashtray again but this time he has another job. He has to smell and worship the mistress well worn tan hosed feet in humiliating handcuffed position.. She wore the pantyhose all day long under her sexy ballerina shoes. She makes the slave to kiss and smell them while serving her as an ashtray.



Clip Length:   Date: Jan 28

The idiot male slave is ordered to lick 3 mistress' boots than he has to take them off sniff the superior ladies stockinged feet while the others watch. The poor male has to kneel in front of the ladies and postrates himself. Excellent boot domination and foot smelling clip.



Clip Length:   Date: Jan 25

Light but humiliating caning. This slave's pain tolerance is very low. He can't stand even the lightest pain but he was not good at serving the spoiled Lucy today so she decides to punishes him with the cane. Clearly visible the fear in his eyes as he was told to strip and kneel on the chair. It was unexpected at the end of the day for him. He was tied to the chair and the punishment might begun.







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