elegant femdom - foot domination
elegant femdom


Clip Length:   Date: Apr 06

Lady Jessica make the slave smell and worship her amazing tan hosed feet while she pull his balls by a rope. Sexy foot smelling clip with cock and ball torment.



Clip Length:   Date: Apr 03

Lady Demona uses the slave boy as a human carpet, She does not care about his pain or beg she trample him in sexy black high heels with full weight, no matter how red the idiot's face under her feet.



Clip Length:   Date: Mar 31

Lady Demona relaxes, dangles her high heel pumps and smokes a a cigarette while uses the slave's mouth as an ashtray.



Clip Length:   Date: Mar 28

Demona orders the slave to lick her shoes clean while pull his balls by a rope very hard. Whe the spoiled lady thinks that this idiot does not lick properly she pull the rope hard.



Clip Length:   Date: Mar 25

Lady Jessica does not satisfied with the house maid because his cleaning ability is horrible so she sits, orders him to kneel before her and kicks him in the face many times with bare feet while scolds him. Great foot slapping clip.



Clip Length:   Date: Mar 22

Lady Jessica humiliates her slave. She commands him to lick her black high heels while she pull hard his cock and balls with a rope. He must lay under her feet and humbly lick.



Clip Length:   Date: Mar 19

Lady Jessica teases the slave with some chips. He is very hungry and hopes that some morsel will fall down from the mistress. Jessica jokes with him saying if he reach it he can eat it. The task however is not so simple because his cock and balls is under the chair on which Jessica sits with full weight and he must hold the chips and a glass of wine for the lady. During the torment he also has to lick the lady's shoes.







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