elegant femdom - foot domination
elegant femdom


Clip Length:   Date: Jun 25

Mistress Lucy sits on the bar stool like a queen in elegant sexy dress. She decides to smoke a cigarette and uses the male slave's mouth as an ashtray. She commands the shy humbly skinny slave to her feet. Since the maid hates the smoke she humiliates and mocks him even harder. She has fun when blows the smoke into his face and put the ashes into his mouth. The scene is shown in different camera angle so you can also check her extremely feminine gestures and movements.



Clip Length:   Date: Jun 22

Princess Lucy feels her power ans superiority over this skinny lowly slave as she sits on the chair like a queen and use the idiot slave's mouth as an ashtray who humbly lays under the chair. Since Lucy knows that he does not smokes and hates the smoke she's mocking him as force him to eat the hot ash. Lots of POV camera angle.



Clip Length:   Date: Jun 19

Mistress Demona has a bad day today, she is bored and relaxes, she think about the next meeting with her colleagues. Her idiot inferior slave lays under her divine feet and smells her tan hosed feet eagerly.



Clip Length:   Date: Jun 16

Mistress Demona tramples the human carpet's cock and balls very hard in her elegant ballerina shoes. She also steps on his chest with full weight. She really loves the feeling of the struggling worm under her feet. She stomps and kicks him from above as if he was a living object.



Clip Length:   Date: Jun 12

The inferior male slave must lay under Demona's feet and lick her shoes while she dangle them above his nose to tease him.



Clip Length:   Date: Jun 09

Lady Demona and mistress Jessica order the slave to kneel between them and torment him by cruel hard biting. They start a competition who can bite bigger and more painful than show and check the marks to each other while laughing. They have fun while the slave almost collapse from the pain



Clip Length:   Date: Jun 06

After the idiot slave licked the mistress dirty shoes he is allowed to take it off and smell her sweaty stinky warm socks while she ignores him and play with the rope tied to his balls.







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